300+ reviews a day is the price you pay

When you beat down 2100 reviews from the last 18 months and then level up. 頑張ってる


I had the same experience around your levels bounced back from 1400 reviews, though it was only a 3 month slack, here I am 43 now :grinning: . Don’t worry it will calm down after 2-3 months. 頑張ってください。


Got 400+ reviews piled up, just due to of life. Tried to tackle that pile again for just a bit, 40% success rate. Nice. Much Life, Much Happiness, Many Success.

I fell/feel with you.

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I was busy for a few days and then when I got back to WK I saw I had almost 300 reviews pilled up. I just left and didn’t come back for like a month. Today I said “screw this” and finished them all in one go, it was horrible, but now that it’s done I feel so much better hehe.


250 in the morning today. 200 this afternoon and then i see a break in the clouds for a few hours.

Admit to abusing cheat scripts a bit too to kick some leaches out a week or so. Getting there though.

My burns are 2800 though. Once the wave subsided, it should feel like earlier levels for a few months :slight_smile:

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I try to do 80 reviews every day, however do to other things going on or just me not feeling it, I don’t do it every day. The reason I only do 80 is because I would get burned out trying more than that. But after I do my 80 reviews I try to read the NHK news easy website to see how much if the kanji I can read.

I have been on wanikani for nearly two years and I am only on level 15. I never used any script, I only use the wanikani website on my iPad or iPhone, once in a while on my work computer when it’s slow.

My goal is to read Japanese, in Japan and not just pass wanikani. I know it’s going to take me several years to do it. I don’t rush it.


Man…talk about paying the troll’s toll to get the boy’s soul.

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Figured it would be nice to post here and say that things going well. Here it is 4 mos later and staying the course. Am starting to get the burns into my queue so my workload is finally where it should be for my level. At level 41 and paradise land where turbo mode can be engaged. Burns finally over 3k.

Glad I fought back in. Now 60 is actually a goal I can see. Which means I can read a little easier, but listening is still sucky. :slight_smile:

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