Wrong (unknown) kanji gets displayed

A few days ago while doing my reviews I stumbled across a specific problem.
No mater how hard I tried I could not recall the specific kanji shown, this isn’t too uncommon because my memory isn’t the best, but normally I can recognize all the radicals and maybe even the separate kanjis, just the meaning together is forgotten.

But I didn’t remember anything, so I typed some random hiragana and wanted to check the correct reading and meaning just to see the kanji change to one that I had already learned.

So my question now is, has that happen to anyone else? I was using the Official Wanikani App at that moment, so maybe it is somehow linked to it.

As someone who normally uses the app I can use modifications of the app to correct possible mistake, but it still annoys the crap outta me and especially discourages me.

So has this happen to anyone else?

(I’ll ry to post a picture when I come home to my pc)

It’s a known and very general problem on mobile and some browsers where the font uses the chinese variant of kanji

You can either try one of the various fixes, or just try to get used to it. I feel it doesn’t hurt to get familiar with both, since the chinese variants are often used even in Japan (particularly in handwriting).

Edit: Also, there is no Official Wanikani App. All the apps on mobile are made by community members.

Ok thanks!