Sea kanji is incorrect

Sea kanji shows incorrectly on mobile. That is all.

Your mobile device is probably choosing from Japanese and Chinese kanji forms somewhat indiscriminately. It’s not on WK’s end. This happens to my phone when I have the system language set to English, but goes away when I have the system language set to Japanese.


I get it but, most people are gonna have it in English.

That’s kind of a universal issue they need to try to troubleshoot on their device, because it will happen in other places too, like their input keyboard, etc.

If you Google around for your device and that issue, you can find specific stuff for your situation.

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If you add the Japanese keyboard (but keep your phone in English), maybe it will fix itself. Just a guess, so it might not help at all.

That doesn’t work on my phone, but it’s possible that on some devices it could work, I suppose. It just shows random Chinese kanji forms in the Japanese keyboard.

I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that suggested before to fix the issue on Windows. Obviously phones are different, but I figured it was worth a shot.

I don’t know about mobile fonts, but how are you level 6 and have already burned the gun radical? Have you been going slowly or is there some kind of userscript or something I don’t know about?

It’s pretty easy if you go slow. I have 330 items burned at level 9…


uhm, i fail to see, where thats incorrect?
could someone please enlighten me?^^

It uses “drawer” radical where it should be “window” radical.

The 毋 part is wrong.

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Ah, yeah. Now i see it.
Must have been blind.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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Just to add some more technical details:

This is an issue that happens mobile only and it’s related to the os showing the chinese fonts instead of the japanese ones, unless you opt to have your phone in japanese (the thought behind it is china population > japan population). This is a problem that got solved in the latest Android versions and was present at least up to android 6.

If you have a rooted device you can use this app to fix the fonts:

This problem is not present in android 7 or 8:

Google Photos

I don’t know about iphones.

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I think it’s more: Diaspora population.

It took me a bit to realize what the problem was too, they’re pretty similar if you’re not looking closely and I probably wouldn’t have caught it if someone hadn’t just pointed it out.

Part of the confusion is because they have the same Unicode representation.

Here is a great list of other such kanji / hanzi.


It took me a year to actually pay for Wanikani, in that time, I burned almost everything up to level 3

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