Wrong Level-Emails?

Hey there,

I didn’t find this topic inside the forum, so I hope, this hasn’t been discussed by now.
I seem to get the “wrong” level Emails since level 5, so when I reached level 5 a few days ago I got the mail “You reached Level 4” and today, when getting to level 6 I got the mail with the header “You made it to level 5”. So they seem like a level behind.

Anyone got this problem as well?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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The answer is that they are (or can be) a little behind.

This has been discussed at length before, but sometimes resetting the setting to get emails fixes it or something.


Alright, it is actually not that bad. But I’ll try resetting the mails, thank you :slight_smile:

Edit: Worked perfectly! <3

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