Wrong level email received

I just moved to level 27, and I just received the automated email from Koichi for accessing level 26. It’s nothing dramatic, but just thought that the WK admins may want to look into that. I didn’t actually receive that same email when I entered level 26.

Have you tried unsubscribing and subscribing to the mailing list again? :grin: it works


I had gotten the level 2 email when I reached 3, but then I bought the lifetime and I got the level 3 about a day later.
I’m assuming it was fixed for me as I got the level 4 email like, minutes after getting up to 4

It’s the first time I got a wrong level email, actually.

Yeah, it has been a frequent reported bug.

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@ladyjaye75 Sigh* I would like to play trails in the sky in japanese. “completely off-topic btw”

I recently got to level 7, but never got the email for it.
Edit: Wait, even in the forums it says level 6. :thinking:

I spent nearly a month on level 6. Then, upon reaching level 7, I received an e-mail congratulating me for reaching level 6. I figured Koichi was just mocking me :wink:


Logging out of the forums then back in should fix that.


You guys get level emails? :sob: :joy:


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