Got the wrong level-up email

I just got the level-up email for level 17 today even though I leveled up to 18.

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You’re still showing here as level 17 in the forums. I notice I’m showing as 4, but I’ve been 5 for like 5 days now. Related?

Edit: fixed my issue. Thanks @Ornantius

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Unrelated, the forum display just lags behind sometimes, you can fix it be relogging.

On the original issue, i have that as well, no clue why.


Just like the forums, the email system is having trouble connecting to the actual levels of users. If you leave the mailing list and rejoin, it will fix the problem and send the proper email for your level :v:

having no level-up email on reaching lvl21 even after 2-3 days, the following was done…
  1. Wanikani > Settings > Account >> Receive WaniKani Related Emails – disable/enable it
  2. then Settings > App >> Lessons & review counts email update frequency – set to ‘daily’

on similar situation about lvl17/18, only step 1 was checked, and it did not help.

as the results, this resolved the issue…
  1. delayed levelup email was received in few minutes
  2. levelup emails for lvl22 and lvl23 were received on time
  3. probably coincidently, community level group changes immediately without re-login.

it maybe good luck, or something, but it is worth to try/confirm whether it helps by others.


Feel free to email us and we can manually input your correct level into our mailing system! It has been acting up and sending out wrong level emails to users.

This sounds like a good solution too. Thanks!!


Just leveled to 40, got a welcome to 39 email. :confetti_ball:


Congratz on reaching the 40s :grin:


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