Wrong answers are not remembered if I stop a review partway

If I have a longer review stack, like 60+, I will often only have time to do 30 or so before moving on. For the most part this works fine. However, if I stop when I have incorrectly answered on either the reading or meaning of a certain kanji/vocab, but not both, WaniKani will not remember this when I resume the review later.

For example: I have a vocab at Master that will go to Enlightened with the next full correct answer. I give an incorrect answer for the reading, but stop the review before ever entering the meaning. When I resume the review later, if I give correct answers for both reading and meaning, it will go to Enlightened, instead of going down to Guru like it would have if I had done the review all at once.

I’m not trying to game the system by doing this; it happens unintentionally all the time. Is this expected behavior?


How much later is later? I forget the timeframe, but I thought it ‘remembered’ where you were for a couple hours or so.
There is the ‘wrap up’ button, or whatever they call it, that you could utilize. When you’re running out of time, click that, and it cuts your queue down to 10 items.


You should be using the wrap up button (little clock icon) to finish up the last 10 reviews. Then you won’t have this problem.


Yes. If you wait long enough, that will happen. So this is not a bug.

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I believe you can replicate this loophole as such:

First, make sure that the next hour will have review cards added to your review deck and you have existing cards in review.

  • Get either half of a card incorrect (reading or radical/kanji/vocabulary)
  • Close out the review session (Such as closing out the tab)
  • Wait for the next hour to occur. Those incoming review cards will get added to the deck.

WK will then refresh your review with those new cards. Any cards partially incorrect will get reset without the incorrect penalty.

I don’t think it’s necessarily a bug, but kind of a quirk when a new hour passes and the review cards get refreshed with incoming items…

It sounds like using the Wrap Up feature should properly keep oneself accountable instead.


I guess, you’re talking about the app? (clock symbol?). But even if you wrap the session up on the normal webpage, after X-hours WK will not remember the session anymore. I also think it resets if you do lessons inbetween? :thinking: Something I’ve noticed.

In any case, this is how WK works.You loose some and win some.^^;

It is a nice feature for when you get something wrong because you misclicked and typed something wrong, not because you didn’t know the word. Like typing oen instead of one, which doesn’t have enough characters to allow for a mistake.

How did I never see that! It’s happened multiple times that I wished for a wrap-up function like in Bunpro while it has always been right in front of my eyes lol

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Is this the app? :eyes: I never use it…

No, it’s normal WaniKani

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Lol…I’ve never noticed! Good thing I have a couple of days left to try it out! :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I just wrap it up normally. I never felt that was a problem. :joy: I don’t mind the extra repetition a couple of items get. If I know the answer I will answer it correctly again.


I think I remember someone of the WK staff saying “halves” of answers are stored on server for 2 hours.

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They’re stored locally on your machine

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Just to summarize and expand on some of the info in this thread:

  • Wrong and right answer “halves” are stored on your computer for each question for two hours after the last time you submitted an answer for that item.
  • If you close the tab and//or open WaniKani in a new tab, the new tab won’t remember anything even if it’s been less than 2 hours. However, going to other websites in the same tab you did reviews in won’t cause things to be forgotten as long as you don’t close the tab and do eventually come back to WaniKani in that same tab within the 2 hour limit.
  • The “halves” are not immediately stored when the answer bar turns red or green. Instead, it gets stored when you move on to the next question (hitting enter after the bar turns red or green). So if you get an item right/wrong and the answer bar turns green/red and then you refresh the page without having moved on to the next question, it won’t remember that you got the question right/wrong.
  • If you use a browser that is more than 10 years old, your answer halves might be remembered even if you close the tab
  • If you use a browser more than 20 years old, your answer halves may be forgotten immediately after leaving/refreshing the page.

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