Skip feature?

Sorry if this was brought up before,

I was wondering, if WK plans to add something sort of a “skip” feature during a review,
for example if you had 100 kanji’s to review, and your stuck in the moment, “skip” that specific one and continue and as the review comes to an end, the ones you skipped would pop back?
In that way by the time you get back to the ones you “skipped” maybe your memory comes back to you by looking at a similar vocab and you can get it without getting it wrong?

basically cycle through kanji during review :thinking:


WK itself doesn’t and their stance is that it’s not something they want to implement.

There are apps and scripts that can give you the functionality but they can get abused. Tsurukame on IOS lets you skip and item and ask again later but, again, make sure you’re not shooting yourself in the foot.

Is it? I don’t recall them commenting on a feature request like this. OP isn’t requesting to redo a review they got wrong, just defer a review to later in the review session.


OP isn’t requesting to redo a review they got wrong, just defer a review to later in the review session.

Exactly this, we all get the occasional brain-freeze during a review of a kanji or vocab and then suddenly poof we remember later when you get another vocab with the kanji you couldn’t remember!

It’s more of cycling through the review session, not skipping it for another day per se :slight_smile:

My humble opinion is, if it does not pop in your head as you see the item, it is lost anyways. Let it fail…


They probably won’t add this as a native feature, but if you want a userscript for this:

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On one hand I get it - you come up to a card and it’s like “Ugh I should know this.” And a practical way of “skipping” is to just close your browser tab, go back to WK, and you’ll continue in your session but probably with a different word.

With that said, real talk - if you don’t know it instantly you don’t know it well enough. That is one of the biggest realizations I had during my Japan trip last year. The recollection really needs to be instant. Nothing wrong with intentionally failing the card and coming back to it later


I had assumed it fell under the same umbrella, but you’re right, it’s a different thing.

Thanks!! I just installed WaniKani Later Crabigator. I was looking for this feature too. Been using it on tsurukame and find it very helpful when items are on the tip of my tongue…

I always run my review queue down to 0, so it doesn’t mess with my SRS.


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