Question about the WankiKani software

Here is what happens to me: I have an item that is up for a burn, say. I am asked for its reading or meaning (only one of them) and I get it wrong. I then leave the computer and do something else before actually getting to the remaining question about this item. So, it doesn’t get downgraded right away. Then I come back to the computer a few hours later (sometimes a day later), and the same item appears and it is still up for a burn (so I get two questions about it reading+meaning). This time, I get it right and it gets burned. So, my first mistake is discarded. That’s nuts.

Is that only me? Or this is a known issue that has not been addressed.

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If you only do 1 of either the reading or meaning and then close the session, it doesn’t register as a completed item so goes back into your review queue.

You need to do both the reading and the meaning, then wrap up the session (either by completing ALL reviews or by using the clock button that gives you 10 reviews and finishes the session).


In this case, I would give an incorrect answer for the reading/meaning (whatever you got wrong the previous day) so that it flags as incorrect and doesn’t burn. Of course it relies on you remembering you got it wrong :slight_smile:

No, that’s intentional afaik. The review session is live and has a timeout timer of I believe 10 min.

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It shouldn’t anymore, if you don’t close the window ever, it won’t be timed out

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Interesting! If it’s a mobile device (which isn’t in the case of the OP, of course), however, the OS will likely sleep the browser process which in turn will drop connections.

At least that’s what I see on my Android phone.

Yeah, that’s likely, but I thought you were talking about the built in session timeout that used to exist. If there is no browser timeout, and the tab is eternally open, then it should keep track of half finished reviews.

Of course, the best course of actions is pressing the “wrap up” button, before going away, that way you won’t have these issues.


This part got me confused

I thought the session is tied to the user account, not to the browser session.

I don’t think that’s a feature. Half finished items should only be stored locally. That’s why they disappear when you restart the page.


Yes, I try to do that but sometimes I don’t remember it. I think this should be done automatically.

I definitely agree with this. Actually I use the Smouldering Durtles android app that remembers my session, so I can always pick up exactly where I left off.

That sounds like a useful app. Though, I don’t have an android phone. I only use the desktop app but there may as well be a tampermonkey plugin for this. I will investigate!

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