I'm so frustrated by losing progress due to timeouts

Okay hear me out. Frequently I do just a few words here and there between tasks while working. After a certain timeout, it forgets any words that are half-complete and still in-progress, and I have to redo them.

You would think that redoing a few words is no big deal, right? Well actually it is. The problem is that the half of the word that I did earlier, I remember it perfectly, even if the first time around I missed it, because I just did it 2 hours ago. This has resulted in me burning words I don’t actually know at all. This issue is directly impeding my learning.

I tried to get around this by blocking the timeout window with ABP, but this doesn’t really solve the problem, the words still come back again. It’s only 10 words or less that need to be saved either in cookies or in a database entry associated with my account, and I know for a fact there is nothing technically infeasible about this. There is more data in my user profile than this.

On mobile I’m fine because I use Flaming Durtles which doesn’t have this issue, it remembers my status no matter how long it’s been, and I can do words in smaller sets. It’s only on web on desktop that this is a problem. I’m desperate enough to solve this problem that I’ve considered building my own extension or even my own client using the API to get around it. But it feels like something that should be solved directly by Wanikani. Nobody enjoys or prefers the current timeout experience where progress is lost and needs to be repeated. I’d like to see this fixed, if possible.


Although not a perfect solution, have you made use of the button to end a session after the current set of ten items’ reviews are complete?



I have but normally I have to stop reviewing at a moment’s notice to resume my work or whatever I’m doing, so I don’t have time to complete those remaining items. Even just completing 10 items can take me a few minutes especially if some of them are difficult.

One thing I have been doing that kind of sort of works is to always hit the “end session” button immediately when I start a session. Then I can do them in little sets of 10 and hope that I can wrap up more quickly. But I still often get interrupted too quickly. I really just want more flexibility than this.

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I have the exact same problem for the exact same reason as @chiaracoetzee, and while I do use the wrap up button often, even more often, I’ll task switch thinking I’ll come back to reviews in a few minutes, only to get absorbed into the task I switched to, to come back to WK 20 minutes later and the session has timed out.

This was recently brought up and discussed over in this thread

I started really paying attention and was able to confirm that sometimes a timeout seems to cache your half answered items and sometimes it does not.

I love you WK, but really your session timeouts need to be longer.

Yup, I’ll occasionally do that also. But it’s a crutch, and a bad one at that. Longer sessions would just be better.

Usually don’t suggest this since it goes against the WaniKani method of randomized reviews, but your use case clearly isn’t compatible with how their default system works. What you can do is use a userscript (or smartphone app feature) to order your reviews such that you get reading and meaning back-to-back, meaning that you finish item reviews for each item before moving on to the next item.

This is the one I use: [Userscript]: Reorder Ultimate 2 [newest] since I too sometimes forget my open review session and it messes up the unfinished reviews when I come back. It has a “1x1 mode” checkbox that does that for you.


Tbf I think the randomized review method is garbage anyways


Not really an ideal solution but I intentionally mark some wrong. Like you said, they’re fresh in your memory because you just got them wrong 2 hours ago. I agree with that and in the same way - I remember I got them wrong, so I’ll intentionally mark them wrong again.

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You could use a back to back script


In addition to back to back, Anki mode also works.

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I’ve tried the reorder script with the back-to-back method and it’s… okay. In some ways better since I can’t really see a word without wanting to think about both the meaning and the reading. My only frustration is that it randomly reorders the items and overrides Wanikani’s own ordering method, but that’s not a huge deal. I’ll try that again for a while and see how it goes.

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It seems that the timeout message time to display is lot shorter than the actual session time. An ASP website hosted on IIS (for example) has a default session time of 20 minutes, but you can raise it in the config. Without knowing how this site is configured i can’t tell what the actual session time is here, but I seems longer than 20 mins.

My main grievance is that you might answer 40 questions but have only locked out three items. If there’s 15 reviews at 6am then 10 at 7 then 10 at 8 etc by the time you come on at 10 the second half of the item might be seperated by 50 other questions. I wish they stayed in their bundles, and the first 30 questions would be all from the 6am lot, rather than at 10 it’s now all mixed in together.

P.s sorry crap typing, on phone, i hate this keyboard but the other one put the capital letters and i fail wanikani reviews if the first character is katakana.

Can someone explain to me why this is a problem and why OP ends up burning words he doesn’t know?

I also use the wrap up feature and 98% I am able to finish my 10 word review session. But sometimes things happen and I need to leave my session to do something else and it times out. But how is doing some words again going to make me burn then without knowing them?

I don’t get this.

OP reviews the meaning of a word, gets it wrong, checks the answer to see what the word means, remembers the meaning, then the review session times out. Which means, WK doesn’t remember that the meaning was answered wrong.

OP then starts a new session, sees the word again, answers right because they double-checked the correct meaning a few hours ago, and the word is burned, even though OP actually got it wrong a few hours ago. But because of the timeout, WK didn’t register the wrong answer and the item wasn’t knocked down in the SRS.


Ohhh that. Got it. This is what I do when I “rage quit” if I mistype something (I use mobile) and I get it wrong.

I quit and start again because I knew the word Lol (only do if if it’s the only word I’ve gotten wrong in the review session though). I see now that the same thing happens with time outs.

Thankfully I always (barring some emergency which rarely happens) finish my sessions but I do agree ir sucks.

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I don’t even see a reason for timeouts. It’s not like you’re leaving your bank account opened. There shouldn’t be a timeout at all!

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I think so. When you get the meaning or reading correct usually you already know the other one as well. And even if you don’t, seeing both back to back first is the same as having it random. I wish they could fix this

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Presumably the sessions require memory/storage on the backend to keep track of partially complete items. Ending the session and flushing that data saves WK money. I’d guess that they are using an in memory cache like redis, or something similar, to track this and they have to flush users from that cache relatively regularly or they have to buy a larger cache instance, or again, something similar.

Transitioning this approach to a persistent database, thereby eliminating the need to flush an in memory cache, as the OP suggests would likely induce other costs.

At the end of the day, it’s probably a money issue. That’s really the only explanation. That said, it is still too short.


It’s definitely stored in your browser cache. If you make too many mistakes you can change device or dump your cache and start again, and wanikani will never know. It’s all local until you click the button to wrap up the session.

Well we pay money Lol. They need to make space within each user’s database and cache the items there. Once the session is done they can then flush it.

This way, there’s no need for in memory caching.

Kidding of course. Maintaining servers is tough and it is expensive.

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Yeah that’s what I do when I make a typo. I rage quit and start over :slight_smile: