Wrap-up Button

So I get that the wrap-up button has you answer 10 more reviews then ends the review, but I don’t really get why you would ever need to use it. Why have the system tell you to do 10 more reviews when you can just stop whenever you want to?


Each item has 2 parts (reading and meaning), and the item’s SRS status can only be increased if you get both parts correct. Wrap-up tells it to finish any items for which only one part has been completed so far.

If you don’t complete both parts of an item, the unfinished half is stuck in cache in your browser, and won’t show up correctly if you later start doing reviews on a different device.


Because of interweaving, you would have answered readings, but not yet the meanings, or vice versa. Wrap-up is supposed to make sure that none of your previous answers are lost due to not having answered the second part of the pair.

If you use an API that pairs the reading and meaning of a given item, then that doesn’t apply.

Ah that makes sense. I always use reorder to do reading first meaning second.

There should be an explanation somewhere on the page to remind people. I’ve been closing the window forever without knowing this :frowning:


… what wrap-up button??

Seriously, every time there are a lot of reviews and I don’t have the time or energy to do them all, I just close the window. But when I make mistakes and don’t get to finish answering both reading and meaning for an item, when it shows up later I try to give a wrong answer to not feel like I’m cheating. However, sometimes I forget and I end up giving the correct answer (since the previous incomplete review reminded of the right answer after I made a mistake) and I level up that item when I shouldn’t have done it. I even burned a couple of items that way and had to resurrect them manually.


The clock button on the far left of the review screen. It turns into a “10” when you click it, and indeed, it’s not obvious what it does.


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