(Request) Auto Wrap-Up

Hi. First of all, sorry if I’m not posting in the right place, I couldn’t find the proper place to post this, if there is one.

Anyway, I’ve a request. I usually do my reviews with the wrap-up option to make sure whichever things I review get both the reading and meaning done, this is especially convenient when I’m doing large reviews. If I stop halfway through, the reviews I didn’t finish fully get reverted.

If possible, could somebody make a script or something of the like that automatically enables the wrap-up option each time, and every time it drops to zero, it restarts the reviews automatically, instead of me having to click the review button each time.

PS - If someone has already made something similar or something that groups reading / meaning questions close together, then by all means, do tell me and call me stupid if it’s something that I missed. Cheers.

If you are using chrome you could use the WaniKani customizer extension. With that it’s possible to reorder your reviews so that you always the the reading and meaning cards directly after each other.


I’m not sure I understand.

You want to do reviews 10 at a time?

I threw something together for you.

All it does is delete the review queue (more detailed explanation below)

Consider these three variables in Vanilla WK:
Active Queue Array
Review Queue Array
Wrap Up Flag

The Active Queue is 10 items long and whenever an item is completed it is replaced with an item from the ReviewQueue unless the Review Queue is empty or the Wrap Up Flag is set, once the Active Queue and the Review Queue are empty, and the if the Wrap Up Flag is not set, WK checks with the server, presumably to see if any reviews were unlocked during the time spent in the review, and populates both queues with the result.

This script just keeps the Review Queue empty.

The extra get requests will probably slow things down though, but it may be faster than clicking on a new review session all the time I guess.

Added bonus of showing full review at the end instead of just 10 at a time.