Could a way to segment reviews be added in?

It’s very common for me to have review sessions in the triple digits. This can be very time consuming and unless I missed something, there’s no way to get in, do 30, then come back a a few and do more.

Would it be possible to add a feature where when you start, it asks how many you want to do in this session. Then you either click “Do All” or put in some number.

You would then be tested on that amount (similar to the lessons, only a larger batch) and then it would end. And you could either walk off and come back later, or get right into more reviews if you still have the time.

It’s not a massive change, but I thought it would be a nice feature to have, so I’m throwing it out there.

Anyway, thanks for your time.

There is a wrap-up button during the reviews, when you click it WK will just ask you the ones you started (like reading or meaning only)! There is also no problem to just end the session, you will only be asked the “missing half” when you pick up again.


Would it be possible to just use a reorder script so the items meaning and reading showed up consecutively? That way you can go in and do 20 items without anything extra.

Even without it, your progress is still saved so its not wasted effort. You can simply go in and answer 20, and leave. You wont be quizzed on the same things when you come back.

The wrap up button does 10 more reviews, including finishing up any half-reviews. (I believe this is because internally the client-side keeps 10 items in a queue, and pulls more from the server as you finish both halves).

Thanks for the clarification! I never really used that feature …

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(You already have the reorder script, right?)

My Wanikani Reorder Ultimate 2 script allows you to sort reviews in 1x1 mode, and so can the Android app. That way, I can quit early with little to no waste.

The short-duration cache will save items you’ve already done, but I read that they expire after a couple hours.

Yes I have that script

There is also no problem to just end the session, you will only be asked the “missing half” when you pick up again.

They reset after about two hours so you can’t wait too long.

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