"Last 10" tab in reviews?

I don’t understand what the “Last 10” button is for when doing reviews. I can see that it shows the last 10 reviews I’ve completed, but I don’t get why I would look at that. Can anyone give me examples of when they make use of it?

Are you actually hitting a button that shows the last 10 reviews you did? I too, assumed that you were referring to the wrap-up button, but your description of the functionality sounds different.

I meant the button with the tick on it, not the wrap up button.

I have some reviews due in 15 minutes, so I’ll check it out then.

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I’ve used the “last 10” button before to review a mnemonic after I’d moved to the next review item.

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Well, I tried it, and no matter how many I did, nothing ever showed up. To be fair, I only had 10 reviews, so maybe you actually have to get to 10 before it shows something? That seems kind of odd.

But yeah, I can imagine people wanting to go back and double check something if they clicked enter too quickly. You know how it’ll say “This item has other meanings” or whatever, you can check those then.

It is the quickest way to go to an Item page from the review page.
Perhaps to look at similar Kanji.
I’ve found it pretty useful.

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Thanks, Leebo. It’s interesting to me that you’re at Level 42 and apparently haven’t felt the need to use that button. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I realize I’ve been clicking on the Home button and opening the dashboard in a new tab, and then searching for an item. Silly me…

Yeah, I’ve never hovered over it to even see what it does. I’m not sure I’d use it, since I’m usually pretty good about stopping and checking the info with the eyeball button, but eh.

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It’s useful if you’re using a lightning mode script since it moves you forward before you get the chance to click on the eyeball (if you got it right).
That said I usually forget it’s there 90% of the time…

I wish I knew about this sooner. I would probably use it all the time lol. How did I never know about it until now?

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