Level 4 and i just discovered the little clock "wrap-up" icon. AMA

turns out if you click on the little gray clock during a review session, it takes wherever you are in the review, lets you do 10 more words, then boots you out of the session.

this is great!



It is even more useful because it also will push any half finished reviews (for example, if you answered a vocab’s meaning but not its reading) to the front, so you know you aren’t skipping any.
unless you use the reorder script in which case its mostly useless other than a reminder


I’m level 14 and I just discovered there was a wrap up button, yay ?



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He never said he had to answer


I reached level 60 and then restarted from level 1 and just found out about this about two weeks ago in a different thread.


somehow the responses from @Frankie3 and @magiconic make me feel less… special?… somehow…?


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Well you noticed it about 4 years before I did, that is special; or maybe I am just oblivious. Who knows.

I think the point was that taking four years to notice is certainly “special”. :stuck_out_tongue:


This…is good to know about. At first I was thinking, “Yeah, I use this all the time,” but then I realized that’s Bunpro’s wrap-up I’m thinking of. I’d wished WaniKani had a similar feature, and it sounds like this is similar (although not quite the same).

I do try to get to all my reviews in one go, but it’s good to know about when I inevitably hit more reviews that I can do in a session, I don’t have to leave a bunch half done. Especially when doing some review sessions from a desktop browser, and others from a smart device browser.

i think it’s exactly the same though

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The difference I’m seeing is that it sounds like WaniKani gives you ten more reviews, whereas Bunpro gives you anything you got wrong and didn’t get right yet to finish with. Regardless, it’s good to know that feature’s there. I already used it this morning, and expect to use it quite a bit more.

Wanikani gives you the reviews you have started either the reading or meaning first.

WK gives you what it has in its queue. WK has a queue of 10 items from which it chooses what to show, and whenever you finish answering an item (meaning & reading, or just meaning for radicalw), that item is sent to the server and a new item is pulled into the queue.

The queue is also kept in your browser cache for q couple of hours, so if your browser crashes during reviews, you can get back to them without having to them twice (though obviously it only works if you get back to the same browser on the same machine).

What the wrap up button does is make WK stop pulling new items into the queue. What you’re left to review is the reviews you’ve already done half of (never more than 10, which is the size of the queue), as well as any other items in the queue that you hadn’t reviewed yet at all that complete the 10 item queue.

AKA the WK and Bunpro wrap up functions are completely different.


Oh mai gawd :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Thanks for the explanation. It helps me to know exactly what’s going on with WK, in case I have a limited time for reviews. What’s most important is of course simply knowing the tool exists to be used =D

I couldn’t understand how to use the “wrap-up” feature…

Click/tap on the wrap-up icon, and it’ll show the number 10 over the clock icon.

As you review, the number will go down. Answering a radical correctly lowers it by one. Answering correctly both the meaning and pronunciation for a kanji lowers it by one. Likewise answering a vocabulary word correctly for both meaning and pronunciation will lower the number by one.

When the number reaches 0, your session ends.

This is useful for if you have many reviews, but only a small amount of time to reivew.