Wow, how great is this?!

I’ve finally reached level two, and things are getting pretty confusing. But when I think about it, Wanikani has helped me better understand Japanese and it’s so FUN!!!
I think Wanikani should have multiple approches to learning Kanji. The repetition system is great (more like AWESOME, I learned so many Kanji in around a month), but I feel like the system should have diverse ways of teaching. For example, it could use a tracing/drawing system to better understand kanji and its strokes. Another way could be forming sentences with the kanji you learn.
The lessons might be a bit confusing. :face_with_spiral_eyes: But overall, I LOVE it.


Please comment what you think about it
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If not for WK, I would probably still see kanji as a bunch if squigly lines. Being able to see the radicals they’re broken down into, had been essential for remembering them.

In what way are you struggling? Is it the mnemonics? If that’s the case, this script allows the community to share their own mnemonics.

(Also welcome to the community :partying_face:)


This script may help with identifying semantic-phonetic components, that is, remembering meanings and sounds easier.

Also, I think searching in is good. Components, forms and more are mentioned there, but never as far as image radicals. (i.e. remaining a Tofu.)


Thank you for the comments!!!


私自身は、learning 漢字 went from a terrifying impossibility to actually kind of fun as soon as I started ワニカニ.

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It’s really fun, didn’t miss a single day doing reviews.

this December 30th marks 3 years I started here. Looks like it was yesterday.