This program is great


I’ve only just started but I already am loving this website. I haven’t studied much Japanese recently as I have been learning Korean for the past 7 months but I decided to get back into Japanese and this is a major help :slight_smile:


Y-You’re great!


Hi. Nice to meet you Drakos. I agree! It is a lot of fun and makes learning kanji a game instead of a chore. Glad you found it and good luck working through it. If I might suggest something, if you have not read the Guide and the FAQ yet, I highly recommend that you do. They are both very helpful both in understanding how wk works as well as in finding good advice for learning Japanese in general. Also, the community here is great so if you are ever looking for advice, information, or just a good time, definitely hang out here now and again. Again, nice to meet you! :turtle::sparkles::upside_down_face:



Japanese certainly has a more difficult to master writing system, but this site should help tremendously!



WaniKani is amazing, isn’t it? I found it super helpful because it teaches you words and kanji… which means all you need to pick up on your own is grammar!


And more Vocab that WaniKani doesn’t cover :stuck_out_tongue:


Well… you also have to pick up vocabulary outside Wanikani. Wanikani doesn’t have all the common kanji words and there’s always a bunch of words in hiragana and katakana to learn.


Gliassing someone one their first post… Metal!


I would call it a privilege.