JLPT N3 Level Reviewing Kanji with WaniKani... Loving It

I am level 2 in WaniKani now (starting to pick up some speed)! I started WaniKani because it said that it can get you up to N2 to N1 level Kanji and Vocab! I have already reached JLPT N3, but it has been 6 years since I’ve really used my Japanese so I thought the review would be helpful.

I have to say, I am loving this! It is making me look at Kanji in a totally new way. After years of college and a year abroad, I didn’t know any readings of Kanji unless it was in a vocabulary word. I couldn’t tell you the kunyomi or onyomi readings of most kanji unless it was already in context (vocab word). I love that this system is backwards engineering everything and giving me a whole new foundation to build upon. Also, I am still blown away that they did ALL of the legwork of creating the mnemonics!! The stories are stinking funny and they stick so well!

This is just one big appreciation post to the creators of WaniKani. Thank you for what you do!


Welcome to wanikani. Hope you enjoy your stay here:D


Welcome, glad you are enjoying it and hope to see you around in the forums!


I appreciate the warm welcome @Stay_coolXD and @sundayRoast ! It made me smile. :blush: I just passed level 3 and bought my subscription! Shooting for Level 60. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Good luck😁
See you around!!

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