Love Wanikani already, and there is Human Japanese!

Hi everyone, I’m new here, have spent afew days and gradually learning my kanji thanks to WaniKani. I really like how this system works and how through lots of reviews they make you learn the kanji well, but I found the community abit confusing, I guess it can’t be helped since it seems like a really big condensed community.

I just want to share another resource I use to learn my grammar and about japan and vocabulary too. It’s an app available on android/iOS and PC.

Human Japanese (Intro)
Human Japanese (intermediate)

The later goes into kanji as well, while the first is basically about the essense of japanese grammer and all of the app is in hiragana and katakana combined with really well explanation in English, and example sentence, dialogues recorded with real people!


Welcome. The community might seem confusing because it’s all very new to you, but give it a few more days and you’ll feel at home. The forums are really a great part of WK.

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y-you’re really a great part of WK!


I have the first Human Japanese and while I think content wise its okay, their choice to go with multiple choice for quizzes is a big weak point.


I’m using the first one as a refresher course, and I have to say I’m a little disappointed compared to all the praises it seems to receive.

I agree that the multiple choice thing isn’t the best thing for that, it gives me the feeling I can just speed through the lessons - and get most of it right because it’s stuff I’ve learned in the past, but the devil is in the details and this method doesn’t seem to help with the details.

I also need to review my katakana frequently, because I just tend to forget sime of the characters, and their kana quizz isn’t optimal either.


You could probably do a quiz without ever having read a chapter and pass it simply by knowing what wouldn’t be correct. It’s bad enough that they went with multiple choice, but then they made the wrong answers super obvious on top of it.

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