Woohoo! I made it to level 10!

I honestly thought I would never be able to learn this much kanji in such a short amount of time!

Maybe in a couple of years I can finally play Valkyria Chronicles 3, Zero no Kiseki and the older Atelier games…


Congratulations! 1/6 of the way there!


Zero no Kiseki is awesome… but yup, those games are so hard to understand, because there is so much political stuff happening. Also all those military special terms… I am currently struggling with Sen no Kiseki 4.

But in the end totally worth it!

@fcc323 Thank you!

@epyon_10 Yeah, I heard that they are rather difficult to understand with all the political/military stuff and all… I actually went ahead and bought both Zero and Ao no Kiseki on ebay for some extra motivation to study grammar ahaha

Good luck with Sen no Kiseki 4!

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