Finally! Lvl 60 I'm here!

I’ve finally made it!!
I started around July last year and had my ups and downs in terms of speed, but I’m finally here.
Let me tell you one thing: All my japanese friends are amazed about how fast I can read in japanese, and I gotta thank WaniKani for that sincerely. Of course Wanikani teaches you only the material, but you need to build on your own, and that’s why I started reading a lot at around LVL 20. My first game in Japanese was Octopath Traveler and it’s probably good for intermediate learners. At around lvl 30 my Kanji knowledge was not enough at all to have a fluid gameplay, but now at 60 its fairly a piece of cake.
For everyone asking: Yes the last 10 levels were worth for me, since a lot of them come up in games, and it was so much fun seeing Kanjis from WaniKani come up in games on the same day! :grinning:

Here are some stats:

I wish you all merry christmas!!!
:innocent: :innocent: :innocent:


Congrats! I’m coming back from a long hiatus but actually, stating that even around level 30 it wasn’t enough to fully understand octopath gives me some hope as when I left off at 20 over 8 months ago I tried having a go at Japanese Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and it was a nightmare.
Again big congratulations, reaching level 60 and being that consistent is what all of us who aren’t 60 dream to be.
Merry Christmas !


Congratulations! :crabigator: :cake:

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Congratulations!! :cake:

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I’m sorry if it came off harsh. Sometimes I don’t know how to appropriately write my thoughts! :sweat_smile:
At around level 30 the most common (and probably most important) kanjis are properly covered and the main message of what is written can be understood. It’s just that games do sometimes even have kanjis not covered in Wanikani, that’s why it really depends on what someone wants to achieve in Japanese. A lot of people stop at around lvl 40ish, but since you already mentioned playing games: It’s 100% worth for you to really keep going and finish wanikani. Most of the rarer words (for an example in Octopath Traveler) become understandable with the kanjis that you learn past that point! At the same time I would suggest something like Satori Reader, because you can connect it to Wanikani and let it only show the Kanjis you already went through, a great reading practise imho!


Thanks :innocent: Perfect time for a cake!

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Thank you :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

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Amazing review percentages and consistent level up times too across the year. What a nice present to yourself on Chritmas :gift:

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Wow! That review accuracy is pretty legit!! Great work and congrats on making it to level 60!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!! :christmas_tree:

-Nick at WK


Thank you so much!

Thank you :pray::pray::star_struck::star_struck: