I started playing Ace Attorney in Japanese

I just wanted to share a bit of a milestone for me:

I opened up Ace Attorney and I actually solved the first case, completely in Japanese! Granted, it’s only a tutorial level, but still. I read that whole thing by myself! I didn’t think I would be able to do it but here I am, doing it. It’s just, so neat. And I never would have been able to do it without WaniKani.

Granted there are a few Kanji words I couldn’t read, but a few times because I knew one or two kanji in the words at my level, I could guess what they meant. Other times I had too look some words up by radical because they were quite complex, but I wrote them all down so I could memorize them.

I’m really excited about this haha I’m looking forward to being able to read new, more challenging things.


So proud. :>

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Congrats! I’m working my way through 大逆転裁判 (だいぎゃくてんさいばん) right now, and having very much the same experience. I would never have made it past the opening dialogue without WaniKani! I have most of the other games in Japanese too, so I need to get after them!


Thank you both!

Unfortunately I can’t play that on my 3DS due to region locking, but I want to try playing it sometime in the future :slight_smile:

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I totally get it. I splurged on a used 3DS last time I was in Japan just so I could play 逆転裁判 in Japanese (as well as a bunch of others I’d been wanting). I hope you can play it eventually! It’s definitely a fun game!


Do you play on PC by any chance ? Ace attorney is on steam and I’m interested in it, but I couldn’t find information if there is a way to switch language easily during gameplay.





I’m currently playing through the series on PC. You can’t switch during gameplay, you can only do it through the settings on Steam by switching the Language in local files.


I play it on 3DS. I have an NA 3DS and bought it the trilogy on the eshop. You can switch the language settings on the title screen from English to Japanese :3

Ah too bad. It’s so amazing to play games in which the language can be switched on the fly, just by one keypress… Anyway, thanks for the information !

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