WK's meaning for 暫く doesn't seem quite right

WK lists the accepted meanings of 暫く as “In A Little While”, “In A Short While”, and “In A Moment”. When looking it up to make sure I was right in adding the synonym “presently”, I found that Jisho/WWWJDIC defined this word this way:

…which, suffice to say, does not include, nor is equivalent to, ANY of the meanings given by WK. Their meanings appear like they would work for 暫くして, 暫くすると, maybe しばらくしてから. They do, however, line up perfectly well with WK’s example sentence.

Am I wrong in how I’m reading this? Are the given definitions reasonable equivalents, or valid translations in certain contexts that I’m missing? I sometimes disagree with some of WK’s synonyms, but never this completely and to this degree, so I feel like I must be missing something…

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Those meanings appear in my Kenkyusha J-E dictionary and I would consider that more authoritative than WWWJDIC. But that’s just my view. :man_shrugging:

WaniKani’s definitions seem to be in this native dictionary:



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