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I’m still quite low level on WK but I’d like to start hitting the core 10k right now, I don’t want to lack kana vocab for a year. I started using Torii for that but the problem is that from the first lesson, Torii shows me vocab that uses kanji I don’t know yet, so that doesn’t work great. I really don’t think it’s good to learn vocab with kanjis I don’t kow the reading of, it won’t stick and I won’t be able to recall them just by the form.

Is there a good way to hit the core 10k with only kanjis I already know from WK ? Or do I have to make a deck with every new kanji I get from Torii so I can learn the kanjis at the same time ?

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I’m not sure if you can do this with a 10k deck, but the 6k course on iKnow.jp which is the original source for the Anki deck (subscription service btw) can be done in either romaji, kana only (this sounds exactly like what you need), or full Japanese mode. I’m sure someone out there must have thought about doing a kana only version of the Anki 10k deck at some point but I’m not too familiar with that.

I believe on Torii there’s a setting you can choose that will teach the vocab in the order of WK levels, so you’ll start out with words using kanji from level 1.


I may have been unclear ^^ I don’t want to learn kanji-based words in full kana. That would be a humongous waste of time in my opinion. I was thinking about learning the vocab from the 10k core but only unlocking lessons for vocab that uses kanji i’ve learned on WK already.

That would be what I’m looking for! I can’t find such an option on torii though…

Actually I found how to do that, you can choose the “wanikani mode” but only when you start the deck. I had to reset my torii account to do it :slight_smile:


Why would learning new words be a waste of time? Native kids learn words for years and years without seeing them in kanji, then when they finally learn the kanji it’s like “ah, so this is how this word is written”.
Also “kanji-based words” is a bit of a fuzzy concept. Besides the particles, you can write most words with kanji but in practice people don’t because either the kanji is hard, or it looks better with less kanji density. Things like こと, もの, など, これ, この, あなた, くらい, every one of them has kanji. However in day to day writing people often write them in kana. Is it a waste of time to learn these words without first learning the kanji? I don’t think so :thinking:

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By kanji-based words I meant the words that are never written in full kana. The way I see it, time spent learning words in a written form that is never found in native material could be spent learning words in their most common form just by finding a way to order properly the 10k core according to my WK progress. Learning in full kanas words that are written exclusively in kanji isn’t useless per se, but I fancy a more optimized way of learning than that of native kids, which is what we’re all doing here, is it not.

I’m sorry to break it to you, but even words that are commonly written in kanji will be written in kana from time to time for various reasons. I’m not saying don’t focus on kanji, that’s what wanikani is for right? Just that, if you feel like you wanna learn more words than wanikani’s pace allows you, there’s no downside to learning them in kana, in my opinion.

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But don’t you learn both ways at once when you learn the kanji form?

You do, I guess. If you don’t mind learning kanji outside wanikani.

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