Question about Anki 10K deck by WK level?

So I downloaded the 10K anki deck by WK level listed in the stickied thread and I’m not sure if I’m using it right.

When I click on the level 1 deck it has number kanji and other level 1 things, but then it throws in sentence cards such as:


but 全 and 部 are NOT level 1 kanji, so I am using the deck correctly? (This is the first time I’ve tried using anki so I’m a little over my head here).

Also I was hoping I could use the 10K breakdown app to learn new vocab words that use kanji that I already know, not to learn new kanji since I have WK for that, so I’m really confused since I’d rather not spend my time going through old material like numbers and counters in the level 1 deck, so any help getting started at using this core deck or another deck to avoid redundant material would be helpful.

Are you sure you got the deck organised by WK level?

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I downloaded this one:


Which is the one of the resource page hyperlinked as “Core 10K Deck by WaniKani Level”

Ah. Since the it is only a reordered version of another 10k deck the context sentences will use vocab you would have learned previously if you used the original order. I assume this 10k breakdown by WK level is sorted mainly by the kanji used in the words each card is teaching, so the vocab you’re learning will include only kanji you know, but the context sentences will be out of order.

My guess is that it’s organized by the WK level of the single vocab item taught (in your example, 七, WK level 1) rather than the sentence itself.

If you don’t mind a bit of extra work (and losing the audio), I have made a google sheet with the Core6K sentences along with the highest WK level of their constituent kanji here.

You can export that as csv and then import into anki.

Thanks for the explanation. I think I’ll just work through it and delete the words from WK I already know and see if I can put aside the sentences until I learn those kanji.

Do you know if there is a way to export the .anki file into an excel file?

I’m afraid I can’t import yours into Anki, it gives me the error message “not in UTF format”. If I can’t sort it out I think I might just stick with the 10K deck but find a way to put the example sentences aside until I reach a later WK level and focus on vocab instead.

Maybe it is because I made it with a mac?

Something random that might work is if you just copy the whole thing into notepad and then paste it into a new document you’ve created… with luck some conversion might happen along the way…

I honestly don’t really know how Anki works (I’m pretty incompetent when it comes to computers) but I think the best goal for me is to take your sentences with their levels and put them into the 10K WK breakdown deck, replacing the misordered all over the place sentences there. And then I’ll just delete my way through all of the vocab that are redundant with what WK has already taught me. Ugh I hate computers.

I don’t know how the creator intended to use it, but what I really do is deleting all sentence cards (or move all sentence cards to a different deck).

By deleting, I make use of Search Box in Card Browser.

Another way to use it is changing Note Type to a simpler one.

I use Change Deck and Sub-decks (::) a lot.

Truly, I almost never use default settings.

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Yes. By Export >> Note in Plain Text → and the Copy everything into Excel.

Also works with Filtered Deck, that is, have search parameters.

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I have already exported everything from Anki 10K by WK level (excluding WK vocab), sorted by frequency, here:


Oh wow, I think I’ll use this instead, its sounds to be perfect for my needs!


Also do you know how to import your sheet into anki using excel? As a CSV file I can’t figure out how to get it to include UniformCode 8 or whatever so Anki is rejecting the CSV file.

I don’t know why non-UTF-8 is being rejected, but I never have had a problem with importing.

For a rough tutorial on how to import, it is here:

Nothing I do works, whenever I reupload a CSV version of your sheet into google docs or this weird program called officelibre that the anki help website says to use for UTF-8, it doesn’t work because all of the kana/kanji gets converted to blank lines when I try to do that.

Online tutorials for excel don’t work either because I don’t have the tools option under the"save as" menu so I can’t encode in UTF-8. I think my only option at this point is to ask around reddit until I can find someone that can convert it to UTF-8 for me…

Thanks for all your help though, I’m just frustratingly terrible at computers.

Actually I’m going need a bit more help. I managed to import it (by using an online unf-8 converter), but I can’t get the cards to show up the correct way in the deck. I have field 1 mapped to index, yet when I click on the deck to study it pops up the index number as the front of the card rather than a meaning or card prompt, so what is the right field for each column?

Also, how can I stratify the vocab by WaniKani level into little mini decks for each one?

  1. You need to create Fields and a Template as well. Also called Note Type. Follow the instruction (roughly) here:

  2. Card Browser → Sort card by this field in browser. → select a bunch of cards → Change Deck

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Okay I’ll look into making a template tomorrow, thanks again for everything!

Why would you get rid of the sentence cards? Those are the most valuable, to be able to see vocab & kanji used in actual sentences and see how the grammar works.