Refreshing WK automatically?

Is there a way WK can automatically refresh itself periodically to show the updated number of reviews? Currently, after doing reviews and showing zero remaining, I always have to manually refresh the page to get updated numbers.

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Interesting idea. New reviews come on the hour so like 00:00, 01:00, 02:00 and so on.
I guess a script could check on every hour and add to the review pile. I doubt that it will ever be native feature though as it’s pretty niche.

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Sounds like a user script simple enough that chatgpt could write. I did that and the code looks like it would work. You could try the same.

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I use the ultimate timeline script and it’s funny because the user script does update often but the site doesn’t, so the user script will be up to date but I have to refresh to have wanikani sync.

There is an HTML property for that. Discussed here: javascript - How to reload page every 5 seconds? - Stack Overflow

It might even be baked into a browser extension or something.

It sort of does. It doesn’t actually call back to the api, I don’t believe. As I’ve left my tab open, and done reviews on another computer/phone, but ultimate timeline acts as though I haven’t done any reviews.

I honestly think this one should be a native feature, review being fixed 00 minutes and all, but I made a script anyway.

Actually did this once but no idea how to make use open framework or a settings page to let people input their own API key.

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Also weirdly enough the review forecast does remove items after that day is over (doesn’t add others in its place, doesn’t adjust by hour, just by removing by day)