WK is relentless! Aaagh!

I’m about to hit level 17 and I’ve been very consistent. I haven’t skipped a day. I’ve benefitted tremendously already because I’ve learned so much. I wish this existed when I started Japanese many years ago.

But gee whiz, it sure is relentless. And I’m not even a third of the way through.

Sometimes I just want to say, “Aaaargh!” My boat is filling with water and I’m bailing it out at a good rate but it keeps coming.

I think the pace is actually just about right. The pressure comes from knowing that if I should falter, I will be in trouble and it could spiral out of control.


Personally, I think that if you feel like that, it might actually be a good idea to slow down a little – maybe do 1 batch of lessons less every couple of days than you usually do. According to your profile you don’t have any burn reviews yet, and those tend to be the hardest (for a bunch of reasons). Depending on your accuracy, you might be looking at 200-300+ daily reviews for the rest of your WK experience. (And the further along you get in your level, the less accurate people tend to become.)


Sweats profusely *


I am not yet at your level, but what I found useful for me is keeping Apprentice/Guru under certain level. (For example 100 for Apprentice, 400-500 for Guru)

This is giving me consistent amount of reviews I know I can handle with my schedule.


I’ve benefitted tremendously already because I’ve learned so much. I wish this existed when I started Japanese many years ago.

Full agreement.

According to your profile you don’t have any burn reviews yet, and those tend to be the hardest (for a bunch of reasons). Depending on your accuracy, you might be looking at 200-300+ daily reviews for the rest of your WK experience.

Wait, what?! That doesn’t sound too good. I’m about to hit 16 and also haven’t burned anything yet.

But then, my problem isn’t so much that WK is relentless, it’s that I often have long stretches of nothingness. E.g., within this next 24h, I only have 3 reviews to be looking forward to. And that’s not just happening today. I’d say half of the days, there’s simply nothing to do. So I rest a day (wondering why people find a 0/0 challenge so challenging). … The day after that suddenly there’s hundreds of reviews. It’s … this inconsistency that gets me.

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I get you, I find it annoying when it does that. The day before you get a nice amount of reviews that fits your schedule, and then the next day you get 50 reviews to do in one hour and if you don’t do those you have a lot to do by the end of the day. Very annoying!

If you want to spread your reviews, I highly recommend spreading your lessons. This will help the pacing quite a bit. You don’t have to slow down your levelling to do this; just space out the vocab lessons.

As a reference point, I’m at level 30 (so I’ve been at near-peak reviews for the past ~8 levels or so). It’s almost always 150-200 reviews per day, usually spread out reasonably well, with a few outliers near 100 or 250.

Personally I wish WK would implement something’s like Kitsun’s “SRS scatter” feature to spread things out better, but in the meantime, this works alright too.


I use the same strategy. It’s a lifesaver.

To be sure, you’re slowing yourself down – and I still sometimes get frustrated when I realize it’s taking me 20 days to get through a level that averages ~10 – but it’s worth it to have a consistent rate of 150-200 reviews a day, as opposed to these stacks of 600 I see some people accruing…


I only do 10 lessons a day, and this way I have a similar amount of items to review every day.

I use the lesson filtering script to do 3-4 radical/kanji lessons and 6-7 vocab lessons a day (depending on how many r+k vs vocab ratio I have left), which means I unlock new lessons almost daily.

As a result I only level up about twice per month nowadays, but it’s worth it. This is what my stats looked like when I did ~20 lessons a day and had a stupidly high accuracy rate (because I am a resetter):

Once I started burning items, my daily reviews started jumping up to 150-250 a day, despite my high accuracy:


I feel you , i dropped the pressure few level ago, just take my time, try as best as you can to not fail the kanji on the current level.
I did stop the pressure by stopping the race of speed leveling iam more around 14 days 15 days, but i have the feeling i remember better .
Btw not having anything burned doesnt mean you are bad it’s mean you are fast !
Tho there still some amount of pressure when you come across an item that is about to get burn, and you dont remember it haha.

ps: having the lifetime sub relieve the pressure too … :wink:

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I understand what you mean. The only reason I am successfully able to do WK is because I work nights and have so much free time at home and at work. I’m nonstop doing reviews every few hours of my day. It’s fun to me, like a kind of brain game, but I don’t see how people with busy jobs and lives can keep up.

I do 10 as well and I find that to be the perfect number for myself. Unless I am on a new lesson running into radicals then I will usually do them all. If I’m feeling daring on my days off work I might do an extra 10 (if the vocab are easy to understand) but that is about all I can do or I end up getting a lot wrong

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I feel like this happens mainly when your accuracy is consistently high and you do all of your lessons + reviews at once. The “dead” days are usually right before unlocking the rest of the kanji and right before you level up.



sweats harder


I try to do WK as consistently as I can, so about once a day minimum. It’s always around 150-200 reviews every day or every other day. I find it pretty manageable to do WK for about 30 minutes every day. 1 hour if there are lessons.

I’m starting to pick the pace up again now that I’m at the fast levels, and remembering how relentless this program can be. I’d recommend devoting as much time as you can, but don’t try to fit new time for WK in your schedule. Consistency is really the key to sticking with it! And if you do falter, remember you’re human. You can pick up the pieces and put them back together when you’re ready. (Get a lifetime subscription if you’re nervous about the time factor)

Once you start getting into burn reviews the workload will take a noticeable step up and you’ll likely have more reviews scattered throughout the day.

Of course this is also a general question of what kind of apprentice count you tend to keep.

It’s never fully out of control, it may only feel that way.
People have come back from 3000+ reviews due, there are a few threads like this one:

Spoiler alert: He did it :grin:

I feel like people are worrying about their review count too much.
All you can ever do on WK is doing as many reviews as you can.
You will steadily improve your kanji knowledge with each review, and get closer to knowing all of them.
It may not feel that way, because you keep doing new lessons, but the work to do factually gets less.

By the way, you said the pace is perfect for you, otherwise i’d also have recommended doing fewer lessons.

Currently I’m looking at this:
But i’m completely calm, because i’m always calm i know it’s just a matter of time until i’m done.
Now, back to reviewing (=


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