Am I insane?

I did 89 lessons in one go and usually slam out my lessons as soon as I get them and my reviews are:

Do you think that I am insane?

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No, but I do think you’re creating a great pace to burn yourself out before level 15


I think its less insane and more just plain unwise. Its inefficient and creates more problems for really 0 benefit


You’re not insane, but you’re going to likely regret this in 6 months when the enlightened to burn come in.

I haven’t had many lesson 0 days since around level 10 just to make the review flow managaeble. Sometimes just to make days with 100 reviews coming in not even worse.

And if there is a period of time… where, for one reason or another, you don’t feel up to the mass. You might have to accept not building off the huge flow.

My august was like there where my review count stayed in the over 50 range for weeks before I managed ro knock it down to 0 again.

Cap lessons a day to 20. Really, it makes the total content more chewable to your brain and gives space to other language interactions.

how much prior Japanese studying have you done? I think if the answer to that is “extensively” or “for many years”, then sure why not push the limits a bit?

If you’re new to Japanese, then you won’t be able to keep this pace up in the long run. Mental fatigue will settle in sooner rather than later is my guess.

But, everyone’s different and if you don’t mind having peaks of reviews coming back later, aren’t feeling stressed about review numbers and have time on your hands, then just do you and mind less about how others get through WK - this is your WK journey. :woman_shrugging:


It’s good to spread it out.

Then it comes back in smaller waves.

dont do that

keep apprentice below 100 and dont do all lessons at once

otherwise you will burn out and will enter in the group of people who close to lvl 12-15 starts asking “should I reset?”.

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Even if you want to go “full speed” you should be able to only do 20 to 25 lessons a day, assuming that you have a reorder script to let you start radicals and kanjis first when need be (you want to start all radicals first when you get to a new level, then as soon as the radicals guru you want to start the remaining kanji to unlock the next level 3.5 days later. The rest you can spread out on the remaining days).

It’s still intense mind you, but not “89 lessons in one session” intense.

It does tend to lead to burnout eventually. I’m not sure if it’s possible to reorder your lessons anymore, but if so, you can maintain speed while smoothing out your workload like this:

Upon unlocking a new level, do all radical lessons immediately, and 1/3 of your kanji and vocab lessons daily for three days. At the halfway point of the level, do all of the newly unlocked kanji lessons, and 1/3 of your new vocab lessons each day.

That will maximize speed (assuming that’s your reason for currently doing all lessons in one sitting) while spreading your workload throughout the level, rather than having your reviews all pop up on the same day and then having very few reviews for several days.

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It is, with both scripts and third party apps. I personally used mostly Smouldering Durtles for that purpose when I was still speedrunning.

I basically did exactly what you describe until level 40 and I don’t regret it at all. Speedrunning all the way to level 60 is probably a waste of resources but doing it for the first 20 to 40 levels is time well spent if you have the time and disposition to do it. It bootstrapped my ability to read Japanese in a tremendous way. But of course now I’m focusing on catching up in other areas…

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That’s not insane, that’s the same thing i did all the time.
Btw try to do all the reviews in the same hour slot, so that you won’t have like half of them at one moment, and the other half the hour after


It is, with both scripts and third party apps.

Lemme blow your mind real quick btw:


Uh, I’ve never seen this before. Is it new?

yes actually - randomly posted by a mod on the broken lesson reorder script two days ago. Not announced yet since it’s still being worked on - but functional!

i do my lesson in a bunch after i guru a lot of items it easier for me but i am only level 8 tho i think two days ago i did 50

This is what insane looks like :smiley: im almost at the finish line (and I’m at the Fast Levels) so I’m doing a lot of wanikani. This is not how it was most of the time. There are also a couple of things that helped me along my journey. The biggest one is my phone and Anki Mode, even though with Anki Mode I still spend 1-3 hours daily.

I did burn out once around level 20 and stopped for almost 2 years, but it was more because life was too stressful. Some rules I kept most of the time was to keep the apprentice at 150 max to not overload. I also look at future reviews and see if I have a huge stack coming so I try to slow down a bit. When I see that I have some room then I do more.

In the end it’s important to see what works for you. Take the advice of people here and test to find what works best for you.

Also don’t forget to use Vacation mode when life gets in the way. That’s a huge help.


Ok. So my comment applies to you too.

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Yep, we are in the same situation, apparently every other people hates going full speed. But life’s too short to spend 10 years on wanikani.