Keeping reviews to a minimum of 100 a day

Sorry guys possibly a really daft question but on top of working full time and doing Japanese classes weekly, as much as I would love to speed through Wanikani, I think realistically I want to keep my reviews to a limit of 100 a day. I don’t want to skip vocab because it helps with me remembering the kanji as well. I suppose the best thing to do is just do lessons slowly so I don’t have too much piling up (aim to enlighten the lower levels first or something)? Only level 2 (I had to reset after a year of not touching it waiting for the lifetime discount!),


Keep apprentice at 50 and call it a day. If you need more, up the apprentice limit.


I Understand Its About How Much You Intake

I keep apprentice at around 100. And I get from 100 to 120 reviews a day, it’s pretty chill.


If you do 10 lessons a day, I think that should allow you to keep your reviews around this range! I would go by that instead of by your apprentice count because eventually you’ll be getting reviews from months and weeks ago in addition to reviews from your more recent lessons, and keeping your daily lessons consistent throughout that time will mean that every day you have more or less the same number of reviews to worry about. I think I get on average 130 reviews, and I do 12 lessons most days (I spent a while doing 13 most days, but thought I would benefit by dropping one).

From my experience, if you do a consistent number of lessons every day, you’ll end up getting about ten times that number of reviews once your full workload is in action (so, when your enlightened reviews start coming back, which is around six months after starting). The daily number might go up slightly over time as you pick up more leeches and fail your burn reviews, but at least in my experience, the workload hasn’t significantly increased, and I’m almost halfway done. (Oh, I should clarify that this depends somewhat on maintaining a decent accuracy! But I think this is doable for just about everyone if you go about doing WK efficiently.)


I’ve stopped doing lessons because I was getting overwhelmed. I’m not ready to go back to it yet but it has been so relaxing for several weeks now : )

As others have said, to have a chill time doing wk and not burn out, don’t go crazy on lessons and stop when your apprentice starts to rise up. Life is good like this!


Apprentice + Guru should be around 400 to have around 100 reviews a day.

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