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I just saw this and found it very interesting:

Is it possible for WK @Mods to release new stats / interesting stats? I’m not sure if you have the tools or systems in place that even track them, but it would be cool if you had some general site stats you could share with us all :slight_smile:

example could be:

  • updated average of people hitting level 60 per month
  • Average time between level 30-60
  • Number of users on level 59
  • Number of total reviews & lessons completed each day and the average correct / incorrect %.
  • The kanji / vocab that people struggle with the most (highest mistakes made).
  • Total user average time per level up (might be difficult as some users are inactive).
  • What level do most users end up giving up? is there a wall that after they overcome they’re all good?

Sorry for the tag mods! This post is more directed towards you guys as this is entirely up to you and only you potentially have access to this info. Instead of just emailing hello@wanikani though I figured if I made it a thread here others could maybe add on stat ideas.


Hopefully this happens, it would be really interesting


Here here


Very curious about this one in particular!


Assuming the level distribution of all users is similar to the level distribution of forum users, level 3 will probably have the biggest relative dropoff due to the free trial being over. You can see more about this distribution on the level distribution thread: What is the level distribution on here? - #341 by BIsTheAnswer

Aside from that the dropoff is relatively consistent. Disregarding the free levels the curve is nearly exponential, meaning about the same percentage of users stops each level.

I’d be interested in seeing the other stats too. I like seeing stats :grin:


I also love stats and information! Even meaningless info can make me happy.

My dashboard for WK is just a big block of stats, even though I don’t read them most of the time it’s a feast for my eyes which makes my brain feel happy lmao.

my dashboard


Isn’t it supposed to be “hear hear”?


I agree, seeing random statistics makes my brain go brr
although that might be the OCD talking


I’ll relay the message to the rest of the team although this may not really be our priority right now.


That could be interesting to see all those stats. I am curious how is the average time to hit level 60 and maybe on which level users use a restart function the most. :thinking:

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Probably. Off the clock, brain turns off :sleeping:

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This would be something people would need to opt in for but it might be fun to have a opt in feature where people get notified when someone reaches a milestone. Maybe even a friend system where you can be notified of your friends progress and what they did that day. I have IRL friends that use WaniKani and I feel like this would be a really fun feature that might keep us all consistent.


@saibaneko what’s that script you have for monitoring friends’ level ups? It sounds similar to what they’re looking for


I don’t have one, I’m saying that would be a cool feature.

Yeah, that’s why I tagged Saiba. If you’d like something like that now, I know she uses a script that at least has some of those features. idk what the name of it is though.




Ah yes! That sounds like it :smiley:

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wish it was a native feature since I’m usually not on my home PC. T-T

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looks like this

people who change names need an update


whaaat that’s amazing I wish I knew sooner.

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