What is the level distribution on here?

Since it’s been a while since we last made a level distribution graph. I went ahead and made a new one. Although the distribution isn’t all that different from last time, we just have more users now. We finally managed to cross 100000 users with the Basic badge on this forum this year :grin:

First of all, the basic graph of the total number of users per level, split up into subscription type. I’ve also added a graph with a logarithmic scale to make the drop-off slightly easier to see:

Since the first 3 levels are significantly higher than all other levels. I also made graphs excluding the first 3 levels, so the other levels are slightly easier to see:

And finally, I made some graphs that show how many users reach a given level.

So the overall distribution didn’t change that much this year, but the number of users did increase quite a bit this year. There are a lot of us now :grin: