Anyone having issues with WK Stats?

Hey friends! I’ve been using WK Stats to track how well I’m sticking to my pace, and find when I’ll level up next. However, I got sick and took a few days off, throwing this level (18) off. I was trying to look and see how I can get back on track and when my next level up will be, but on WK Stats, it just keeps pushing my level up date to 15 minutes from now.

Right now, it’s 10:06, and I have a pending review but nothing from this level. WK Stats just says I’ll level up at 10:15, but I won’t have a new review then.

Any ideas?

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WKStats may be having issues with Level 18 (which I’m also on) because they recently added 3 new kanji to that Level, so it probably is getting the number of kanji you need to get to guru wrong.


Oh dang. Thanks, that makes sense. Wish I knew when I would be able to level up though! It’s my longest level in the past 11, by nearly double :grimacing:

Yeah, this is my longest level as well, well perhaps my last one may be longer, these few have been slow for me. But I was about a day away from levelling up when the new kanji dropped, which did slow my levelling up. It’s been a nice opportunity to keep my lessons at 0 for a while though, lol.

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You can try the new (but not yet completely finished) version at wkstats

Thanks friend! You’re doing great work.

Unfortunately, this version shows me level up in 0 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes. And the projections panel 404s for me. Oh well! I think I’ll level up tomorrow, based on the timeline of when my reviews are.

Thanks anyways!