WK Dropout Rate

What do you guys think the dropout rate is? I would imagine probably something around 90% or more of people who join will never make it to level 60.


Someone already posted detailed stats including that in one of the recent threads you made.

You can also search “statistics” on the forums for all the threads in which it was mentioned.

90% is pretty generous. The ratio of people who start vs people who finish is very low (at least if I remember correctly from a post I saw earlier). You’d need to ask the WK engineers about the total ratio of all users.

You’re probably right. Plus the stats graph Visceral is referring to only contained “active users” if I’m remembering correctly.

The first graph I looked at was zoomed in (and makes 60 look like more people) because that was the only one I saw

Even on that one 90% looks generous, but then I found the full display of it, and it actually looks like less than 1% actually finish. 60 is quite an accomplishment.

I do see the # of users on the left-hand side now.



+/- 1% if you discount everyone under level 4.

Not that I think that negatively reflects on the tool, people are just great at making goals and never following through. AKA every New Years Resolution ever.


That’s kind of sad but to be honest you really need a damn good reason to learn Japanese. Something like “I wanna learn Japanese to watch anime without subs” just isn’t good enough for your average person. Japanese is a very difficult language and needs a lot of memorization and study-time. If your reason isn’t important enough to yourself (even if you think it is), then you’re very likely to give up.

I’m not knocking anyone who’s come here to watch anime without subs, though, if you’re actually getting far into Japanese with that reason in mind, then that’s awesome and deserves a lot of respect. It’s just the most common reason I see (it’s right next to “getting Japanese women”).

Anyways, whoever is reading this, don’t give up, I know I won’t! :wink:


That’s hilarious.

I agree. Personally, my reason for learning Japanese is to move back to Japan and work there as well as to be able to communicate better with my Japanese wife (although her English is pretty good); however, my first goals are to get to the point where I can watch Japanese TV without subs and read without a dictionary. The difference between me and those folks is that it’s not my end goal. I just see it as a goal because I will be able to convert my entertainment time into unconscious study time, and as a result I’ll be able to learn even more at a faster pace. Of course I will continue regular studies, but it helps to have your “fun” time be productive as well.


I can personally guarantee that I won’t. There are 4 major goals I’ve had in my life so far: To join and complete military service with an honorable discharge, to quit smoking, to graduate from college, and to pass at least the JLPT N2.

I’ve done the first two (I quit smoking over 5 years ago). I’ll be done with the third in 6 months or so, and all that will remain is the last one, and it will essentially be the focus of my life after college. I just don’t disregard major goals. I always follow through, so I’m definitely getting to level 60 and passing at least the JLPT N2.


In addition to going back to Japan and being able to communicate more fluently than this year, my goal is to be able to read the Harry Potter in Japanese WITHOUT endlessly looking up words. I’m working through book 1 now and although I can “read” it I’m using Kindle lookup way too much at the moment. But it’s getting better. :slight_smile:


I would just make sure reading it is only your short-term goal and not your end goal. Aim high.


I “scientifically” went through the “Introductions” post in January 2016 of 100 unique users. 77 of the users were under level 15, the majority being level 1 to 3.


That sounds awesome, especially since stopping smoking is no easy task, so if you could do that, then I’m pretty sure you can get to level 60 of WK as well!

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Nope - my end goals are JLPT N2 (currently working on N3) and communicating more fluently in general conversation in Japan/with Japanese speaking people. Can’t see getting N1 ever without actually living in Japan itself but N2 MIGHT be possible. Might.

However, Harry Potter is a pretty good benchmark for general reading on the way…(it was in French anyway!)

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I think N2 is a good goal because at least with that you can likely work in Japan outside of teaching.

Not sure I necessarily agree. The most tangible reason I have is probably that it’d be cool to play JRPGs in Japanese. But mostly I’ve just thought learning and using the language to be rewarding enough in and of itself, and then just let whatever practical purpose it might have present itself as I go along.

Maybe I’m not representative of the average person though :man_shrugging:


There are lots of reasons to drop wanikani and they aren’t all about not studying Japanese anymore, (lack of money, not liking the system, etc etc)

I have barely done reviews at all in the last year but I am still studying Japanese. So quitting here doesn’t necessarily equal quitting Japanese (although I am sure it does mean that for a decent amount of people)

(not saying I don’t like WK btw. I’m just more motivated to use other things at the moment)


I don’t think it has all to do with Wanikani though. In my university introduction lecture last week, they said “look to your left, look to your right, one of you will be gone by December.” Real motivating XD


How accurate are those forum levels? Like people never joining the forum, deleting their account after reaching lvl 60, etc?

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