With what amount of grammar would completing level 60 put one at for N2 (Genki, Bunpro)?

With level 60 of WK and Genki I + Genki II completed, around how much more grammar would be needed to pass JLPT N2? According to wkstats, level 60 should cover all of the kanji, and from what I’ve read, Genki I + Genki II allows one to comfortably pass N4 and possibly scrape by with N3.

Alternatively, how well prepared would one be for N2 with level 60 of WK and through N2 of Bunpro as the primary sources of instruction (not counting other methods of listening practice, reading practice, etc.)?


Vocabulary and Reading are incredibly important in the N2 tests.

You’ll get screwed if you don’t practice reading and listening at all, the reading portion is regarded by many people I know in my circle as the most challenging part by far if you don’t know the tips and tricks to score well for it. Reading is a massive chunk too in N1-N2 compared to N3-N5.

Grammar is a relatively small portion for N1-N2 in comparison to Vocabulary and Reading. The section for grammar has a measly maximum possible score of 12 marks out of 180.

I don’t think the vocabulary in Wanikani alone is enough to help one pass the test comfortably, learning vocabulary from other sources such as Anki Decks or through your own personal immersion is necessary.


Do you know about Flamy’s journey from N5 to N2? It might be a helpful reading for you. …Or maybe @FlamySerpent senpai even want to share their thoughts :blush:


Thank you for the in depth reply, I will keep all of this in mind.

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I will definitely check that out, thank you!


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