For all the wanikani subscribers who are already passed the Level 60, comment your estimated possibility to pass the JLPT N1 …rate it 1-10…:blush: よろしくね。


I give myself a 0% chance of passing N1, because I suck at listening and would also need to improve my grammar and reading speed.


At this point, 100%, so 10 I guess. (Based on the fact I have the N1 already, and scored very comfortably on the mock JLPT that was organized last year instead of the actual, canceled, one).

That being said, the JLPT and WK aren’t really related. If all you know is WK, you wouldn’t be able to pass the N5, since you would know nothing about grammar and would miss a lot of common words (especially those that are written in kana alone).

Even for the N1, level 60 is probably overkill. Level 40~50 would probably give you enough kanji knowledge if you have practiced other areas like reading and listening (and grammar, obviously).


Based on what I know about your reading skills, I think you are overestimating the difficulty of the reading section.


level 60 までにどのぐらいかかる?

This is a great question, rodo023! Thanks for thinking of asking it :smiley:

I started WK because my vocabulary/kanji knowledge is super hit and miss. I passed N2 in July 2019, but the listening was far and away my strongest section and the reading section was such a slog because I was making a lot of inferences from context rather than just being able to read more smoothly…

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like … 3? :sob: this is my goal rn to pass N1 but my listening just sucks and i cant read very fast yet when it gets complicated. i just said 3 in case i made some really good guesses


I passed N1 in 2019, and I would still give myself a high percentage chance of passing it now, despite probably needing to brush up on some of the N1-specific grammar points.




I only got a 75% on the N3 reading section. While that was in December 2019 and my reading speed has improved significantly since then, I still look up a lot of words and get stuck on things sometimes. I’m definitely not confident in my ability to skim things either.



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