Win10 IME replaced Google IME; should I switch back?

I was fairly comfortable with the Google IME for the little Japanese typing I do.

I just updated to Windows 10 and as far as I can tell, the Google IME is gone and been replaced by the one from Microsoft. Does anyone have experience with it from the beta? Should I leave well enough alone?  (I’m not sure how to transfer custom dictionaries over, nor can I even find the old stuff from Google anymore.)

Are you talking about the IME keyboard input? I never really found anything wrong with the MS built in one on Windows. Maybe I’m missing something you had with Google’s IME? I can switch keyboards easily, etc… No complaints.

I always use Microsoft’s IME and have never had a problem. I keep my keyboard on Japanese and simply Alt+~ when I need to type in Japanese, then  Alt+~ back to type in English.

feanor said... Are you talking about the IME keyboard input? I never really found anything wrong with the MS built in one on Windows. Maybe I'm missing something you had with Google's IME? I can switch keyboards easily, etc.. No complaints.

I think the biggest thing I'm missing is familiarity and knowing what keyboard I'm using.  I think the google IME gives better feedback as to which alphabet I'm using. When I switch between a Roman alphabet and kana, I used to get a tiny popup at the cursor that let me know if I was going into katakana or hirigana or Roman characters. I can't figure out how to get that notification. (This is important to me because of how sticky the kata-/hiragana sets are when toggling back to my native alphabet; Google IME is also sticky there, but at least I see which is what.)

I probably also want to go back to the Google IME because I'm pissed off that Cortana won't run any of my software, play any of my music and conflates everything as a request for a text search on Bing.  (I thought there'd be some cute thing when asking her "Who is Jen Tayler?"... it did a search for that question.)

I prefer Google IME because it’s better developed/user friendly (not that I can’t use Microsoft’s IME), but Google’s is the overall better IME in my opinion.

Ah ok, I just look at the taskbar near the clock to see which keyboard I’m using and which mode I’m in (hiragana, katakana, etc) if I have to. Though you can immediately tell once you’re typing anyway since the options start popping up. I’ve personally not needed any more features that that.

Not sure how Cortana affects your keyboard though heh. Not that I use it for anything other than searching for programs yet, kinda pointless at the moment.

If you just did the Windows 10 upgrade and not a fresh install (if using the “free” upgrade, this is your only option at first to get proper activation), the Google IME should still be installed. You can check your “Programs and Features” list to confirm that. If it’s still there, you probably have to go into your “Region and Language” settings and re-add the Google IME as a keyboard and remove the Win IME.