Will Wanikini tell me when my subscription ends?

I subscribed for one month on Wanikini some times ago, I don’t remember when. It feels like a long time ago, and I’m surprised Wanikani has not tell me yet to renew. How will I know it is time to renew my subscription?


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Afaik, it does so automatically. I would recommend to search your inbox for your first bill.

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You can find the details of your previous payments at the bottom of this page: https://www.wanikani.com/account/subscription/billing

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yeah, it did. It sent me a mail but is was not easy to find among all the community messages it sent me (I don’t look at that message box often).

Is there a way to do so it won’t automatically renew?

You can cancel your subscription at any time, I think. You can also adjust the frequency of the community emails, to zero I guess is what you need, since you said you don’t look at that inbox often.


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