WaniKani subscription payment

I subscribed to WaniKani on March 12th ($9 subscription) and the next payment was due April 12th but I removed my credit card from WaniKani before the 12th and I wasn’t charged this month. But it’s been three days since my subscription should have ended but I still get new lessons and I have access to all 60 levels. What’s happening?


You’re bound to get a quicker answer if you email them directly at hello@wanikani.com

Holy :poop:, a rare sighting indeed. Someone trying to alert the powers to be they seem to be getting a free ride? Good people do still exist on the internet. :flushed:


I know that they used to have to process certain subscription expirations manually, and sometimes they got behind. I don’t know if that has changed.

Hello Everybody. I’am new here, and already starting to enjoying it a lot !

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