Can I cancel my recurring yearly subscription?

I took the plunge and bought a yearly membership to WaniKani. It says, however, that this is a recurring payment, which I assume means they have my credit card stored somewhere and will bill me again every year. I’m wary of this and would like to cancel future payments (if I like the service, I’m more than happy to repurchase it, but I want this to be MY choice).

Is there a way to do this? Also, if I do cancel, will I lose access to anything above level 3 (I mean during the year, obviously I won’t keep it after a year from today).

Thanks for any help.

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Looks like your subscription will stay active until a year from now, which is typically how subscriptions work. I think this has all your answers:


Thanks for the tip. I’m slightly worried that once I get to level 3, I won’t be able to continue, but we’ll see… hopefully my credit card company will refund me if that happens. Thanks again!

The text says “your subscription will finish out the invoice period”, so I think you’ll be fine. If it doesn’t let you continue after level 3 it’s probably a bug. If that happens, just email them and they’ll take care of it. They’re generally very responsive and helpful.

By the way, you didn’t actually need to subscribe until you finished level 3.


Also, you can send the an email, as the 3 first levels are free and they won’t charge you until you each level 4

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