Subscription help needed!

So i have completed the first 3 free levels of WaniKani and i loved the way it teaches kanji and not to forget the lovely community here.
Now I thinking of getting a monthly subscription for a month and see if i could manage it with my school, sports and all.
Then a question took birth in my mind. If i get the monthly subscription and after the month i decide not to continue with WaniKani for xyz reasons, how will I be able to stop from paying for the next month or will it stop automatically and it’s nothing to worry about…?

I hope you understand the question, my English is it not so great as it is my 3rd language :slight_smile:
Thank you in advance!! :blue_heart: :smiley:

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Well it’s a suscription, so as the name implies its a recurring payment to receive a service

So you’ll have to cancel it

As for what happens to your account, you simply can’t access the paid levels but everything else is left as is

So there’s like a button for cancelling the subscription anytime i want? :grin:

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Short answer: Yes.

I’ve been subscribing monthly. So if I click Subscriptions > Billing, there is “Cancel Subscription” button that I can click if I want to stop paying WaniKani.


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