Will there be a Christmas sale this year?

Saw forums about Christmas sales in 2017 and earlier and was wondering if there was going to be a 2019 sale in two months for the full-time purchase?


Most likely, yeah. They haven’t let us down so far. :slightly_smiling_face:


Waiting for this as well!!

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I’m enduring monthly payment for now for that christmas sale too!

In case you weren’t aware, they do prorate a subscription upgrade by how much is remaining on your current subscription. So if you wanted to, you could still get annual and then upgrade to lifetime, which would be slightly cheaper than doing monthly until then.

This is also directed to OP in case they thought they had to wait until the sale to subscribe to not get stuck in the middle of a subscription.


I’m still new to all this but if there’s a discount, I may consider it as well before I start buying into it now.

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In the past the standard discount is 1/3 off of the lifetime - so $200 instead of $300.


Good to know, thanks

Durtle durtle…

I wish they’d give something to us peasants who can’t even afford the yearly subscription though :')

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Yeahhh, especially since I’m more doing this for fun than actual study for work or future plans. a small monthly payment I can get behind, but I’m less sure about putting that much at once into what’s essentially a hobby…

Ah that definitely makes sense, yeah I don’t think anyone would honestly lol
I stayed at level 3 for a long while after I was technically level 4 just cause I wasn’t sure if I was like, ready to commit to trying to learn japanese

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Do they give discounts for yearly subscription? or only lifetime subscription discount?

I don’t think I’ll be purchasing lifetime anytime soon, since one factor that motivates me to use WK is that WK is paid on a time-basis and is therefore limited. Lifetime subscription cancels such factor. Also I’m can’t afford one time big payment :sob:

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Only on lifetime

@viet already confirmed on another thread a month ago.


There’s no sale for yearly subscription, is there?

nope, as far as I’ve read about, all sales have been for lifetime only

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Ah, welp. I guess I’ll have to stick with monthly. :<

When I started wk I got to lvl 3 around christmas but wasn’t willing to invest in lifetime when I still wasn’t sure if I’d be able to keep up with it and school. Then I got an email(? I think. Can’t remember if something was written on the forums as well,) saying I could get yearly for cheaper if I got it within January. Every year after the first one would be full price though (but that’s when I got lifetime instead).

I don’t know if they still do this.

I sent you a bunch of WaniKani Lifetime Sale emails over the last few weeks.
But, clearly a WaniKani Lifetime account doesn’t suit a person with your… eloquent tastes.
It’s a lot of cash to put down all at once, so I get it. And, you probably want to try WaniKani out a bit more, right? Did you know the first three free levels will teach you ~80 kanji and ~200 vocabulary words? That’s actually more than a lot of Japanese classrooms teach in a year.
So, I made a 50% off for the eloquent folks (like you!).
Code: (removed)
Expires: January 31, 2018
Use with: Monthly or Yearly membership
Amount: 50% Off for a year.
The coupon code must be used by January 31, 2018. That’s a little over two weeks away. That means you have time to try out WaniKani for a little bit first (the first three levels are free, after all).
The coupon will remain applied to your account for a year, and you can choose a monthly or yearly plan. The yearly plan does come out to be cheaper overall, though. Just saying.
You can use the code on your subscription page after choosing a plan. Just be sure to hit the “apply coupon” button after you type it in, otherwise it won’t stick.
Okay, talk to you in a year, probably. Have a great one.
Koichi & The WaniKani Team

Found the mail.