Wanikani Christmas Sale?

Hi, sorry if this thread is a bit too forward, but is the WK Christmas/New Years sale going to happen again this year? I know that the prices in general have been lowered, but as someone who has a lot of student loans/pretty tight budget, spending $300 dollars for a lifetime subscription is not feasible at the moment.

I’m very thankful for WK and everyone that has worked so hard to provide this fantastic service, and am more than happy to continue to subscribe, whether that is yearly or lifetime. Ideally, I would prefer to pay lifetime and not have to worry about yearly renewal, and I am hoping that the New Year sale can ease the strain on my finances.

Would anyone remember when the sale started last year or knows whether or not there will be another?

Thank you to all!


Hi, that question was asked in his thread: Ongoing Promotions? - #7 by viet

So I guess they will announce something soonish

Thanks so much!

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I added a question mark to the thread title in case anyone got excited seeing it.


Noooo, that was supposed to bait people into reading it


Sale starts December 18.

Source: fugu podcast




Well my country has crazy currency exchange rates right now. 90$ is going sting if there will be no christmas sale.

Look literally two posts above…

Should I cancel my monthly subscription until the promotion? I want to buy an annual subscription and my monthly one renews tomorrow. Any advice for this?

WK prorates whatever time you have left at the time of the upgrade. If it renews tomorrow you’ll pay the monthly amount equal only to the few days until you upgrade. When you upgrade the unused value you have left will be counted towards the price of the upgrade

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I’m sure I won’t get in trouble for saying this…but the yearly subscription wont be going on sale to my knowledge. Only lifetime.

Thanks for the reply!

I think i will be going lifetime, then, seems like a good deal.

Definitely wish I had picked one up when I was starting. Hindsight is 20/20, what can I say. Best of luck on the mountain climb to 60.

Im not yet decided on lifetime, It is a lot of money (I’m from Mexico) but since I’m just level 8 it may be worth it, i don’t know…

I went for lifetime right away a year ago and have not regretted it for even a second

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