Why isn't there a drop-down search bar in the review summary page?

In the Flaming Durtles app on android theres a convenient drop-down search bar in the post-review summary page, so you can quickly and easily search for visually similar kanji and vocab to those you got wrong. The bar will instantly show results as soon as you start typing, so you often don’t even need to type the whole word, or even press enter, to find what you need.

Is there a reason this feature isn’t on the website/am I just being an idiot?

Every time after reviews I have to open a new tab, load a new Wanikani tab, click on the search bar, type in what I want to search for, hit enter… compared to Flaming Durtles, it’s incredibly tedious!

It adds so many unnecessary steps to going through your reviews afterwards

As someone who doesn’t have website building experience, I assume it’s possible that the dev team is under some constraints that individual users who make third party apps aren’t, so that could result in them being slower to implement certain things that they might otherwise want to. For instance, if Flaming Durtles suddenly stops working and no one can use it, it’s not the end of the world. There are other ways to use WaniKani. The creator of Flaming Durtles has no official responsibility to keep it functioning a certain amount of every day.

You could try emailing the WaniKani staff (at hello@wanikani.com) to ask about it. That’s usually a better way to communicate with the staff than the forums.


Thanks! Shall do

Because the summary page has been removed

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