New App (Flaming Durtles?)

Hi there,

I have been an avid WK user, doing my tests on my android phone’s WaniKani app. Well yesterday, the app blew up. So I decided to reinstall it (for the first time since 2018). When going to reinstall it, the option was replaced with Flaming Durtles and a different logo.
I popped in my API and was able to get it to run. There are a lot of benefits to this new app, however, I find that when I make hasty typos, there is no way to undo a submitted mistake (whereas the old app allowed you to backspace to alert WK that it was a typo, rather than failure to remember).

Any tips?

There’s an undo button in the top right, I believe. If you don’t see it then enable advanced settings


You may want to check the main thread for additional features.

I used the Wanikani app too until FD came out, but that app hadn’t been updated since like 2015 and IIRC used AP1 V1, which is going away this year anyway, so it’s life is limited regardless.

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The Wanikani app is an unofficial one, isn’t it? I’m surprised that Tofugu allows other people to use the name Wanikani. If I were to develop an app with the name “Duolingo” or “Facebook” I’d expect to receive a letter from an attorney in about 7 minutes.

The thread had the special buttons

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Yeah it’s unofficial.

Dunno why it was allowed, but the app has since been delisted from the app store. You can only get it now if it’s already in your library.

Flaming Durtles is also an unofficial app. The WaniKani team is working on official mobile apps, but until they are finished all apps are unofficial. And I deliberately chose a name that does not include the word “WaniKani”, partly because it’s Tofugu’s trademark, and partly to reduce the odds that people will think it’s official. It should also help to set my app apart from the official app when it comes out, which is a good thing for avoiding confusion.

FD is not an official successor to the old Android app, though, there is no relationship between the two. It’s just an alternative that fills the same need.


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