The wanikani website and app do not sync

so I get reviews on the website and app at the same time but when I complete it on either the other one doesn’t sync soo I just do both. I’ve played around with the app settings too and that didn’t work.

Which app are you using?

There is no official app, and some of the third party apps are unsupported, or run on the old API, while WK is moving on to API v2.


Welp I downloaded it from here I think it said apiv2 and its called flaming durtles

Could it be that you’re doing your reviews on your phone when you have no internet connection? I’m pretty sure reviews can be done offline on some apps as long as it has an internet connection at one point so it can get the reviews. If you do end up doing some reviews when you have no connection it won’t sync until you regain a connection.

This probably isn’t your issue, but I thought I might mention it since Flaming Durtles should work perfectly fine from what I’ve seen.


Did you create a new APIv2 key that allows changes to be made from the Flaming Durtles app to actual WaniKani? The default APIv2 key is read-only.

Edit: sorry, didn’t mean to reply to you, _josh!

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There is no mechanism to immediately push changes between web browsers and apps. So it’s always possible for the two to fall out of sync for a short period.

If you’ve done reviews on the web site, and you want to do reviews in Flaming Durtles less than an hour after that, make sure your device is online and do a manual sync from the menu in the app first. That way the app knows about any reviews you have completed on the web site.

Flaming Durtles automatically syncs once per hour if your device is online, but it can lag behind if you used the web site for reviews less than an hour ago.

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The manual sync does nothing

no I have internet like I’m replying to you

Im confused can you explain how

It was possible for you to have done phone reviews while in airplane mode or something while typing up the thread on your computer, for instance. Since offline reviews are a feature I believe is unique to Flaming Durtles, it makes sense to ask.

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OK I fixed it my wifi it didn’t work with my data for some reason

Great! I use Flaming Durtles, too, with no issue, so this most probably fixed your issue!

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