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What is a good Kanji alternative to WaniKani on mobile since this new update??

Why not just wanikani, but using flaming durtles for example? That didn’t change


I’m only level three… and kinda still wanna keep learning more, but also cause a lot of people are saying WaniKani has changed a lot on the updates.

Given you’re only Lv 3, you’re not likely to notice any of the changes. Much of the backlash was due to scripts becoming broken, and the loss of the Summary page.

Some people had a number of bugs on Mac-based web-browsers, but overall, the sum total of the changes won’t amount to much for someone just starting out with it.

And, one major intention in the update was to make the mobile experience better, actually.


So, long story short keep going as they fix it??

I’d say yes. I’ve been here for 2-years (I reset around Lv. 16 due to life problems.), and my main upset is the way they handled this rollout. (It’s rare they do it this way.) And, the summary page.

Overall, it still works, and I’m still going to use it.

Oki doki, thanks for the help.

If you use an android phone look at Flaming Durtles. There is also an app for apple but i don’t know the name. Basically you tell the app you API key and you do your WK stuff on the app instead of through the website. It gives you a lot more functionality similar to using scripts. You still have to have a WK account for it to work.

Jakeipuu for any Apple folks that stumble into this topic.

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