Why is WK counting やっつ as incorrect?

I’m learning “eight things” and inputted ”やっつ”(written ‘yattsu’) as my answer for the reading, but WK is telling me that’s incorrect. Am I being stupid??

That seems highly suspicious. Which userscripts do you have running? Did you input some unprintable characters by accident (something as halfwidth widespace ) or similar?

I don’t think I have any unprintable characters(I’ve tried answering the question three times), and as for usercripts, I have Katakana Madness, Jitai, Keisei’s Phonetic-Semantic Composition, Niai Similar Kanji, Pitch Info, Order Vocab’s Kanji Breakdown, and Remove Useless Panels. I’ve had all of these since I started and none of them have caused any problems thus far.

Then I’m totally stumped for the time being. Try clearing your browser cache and reloading the page. Maybe someone else has more helpful advise -.-… sorry.

I’ll try that. Thanks so much for your help!!

I’ve heard Katakana Madness is broken since a long time ago and could cause reviews to fail.

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I’ve had the same issue. My reviews are fine, but I have to turn off scripts for lessons (though maybe I only need to turn off Katakana Madness…_)

Katakana Madness is indeed broken, you need to switch to [Userscript] Wanikani Katakana For Onyomi, which is its updated form :).


This worked! Thank you so much! KM hadn’t caused me any problems until now, so I never would have guessed.

This worked! Thanks!

No problem. :slight_smile:

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