Kanji infos are wrongly displayed

Hello everybody,

I would to talk about a problem that is making me crazy. Randomly the reading note is wrongly displayed (see attachment). It seems to be caused when adding a personal note, BUT I’ve tried everything and I couldn’t find a way to reproduce this display bug.
I have found a workaround to fix this, I have to search the “broken” kanji in the main menu, then in next review the note (with colors and highlighting) will be fine.

Do have any suggestion? any help will be super welcome! I have to “repair” one kanji after another, it is really time consuming :cry:

PS I use Firefox (v100.0.2) and a fiber connection (so it’s not network related problem).

This is the random display bug:

And this is the correct display of the notes:

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Disable Katakana Madness if you have it installed


oh that’s a good lead, thank you for your suggestion!

The closest script that I have to Katakana Madness is “Katakana For On’yomi” will disable right away.

These are my scripts:

I’ll keep update this thread if this bug occurs again :slight_smile:

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Ok, it’s Katakana Madness specifically that has been causing users some issues. I can’t see any obvious problem scripts in your list. Most likely it’s a script that is causing it, though, so you might need to try disabling scripts until it stops happening


One potential problem that I noticed in your userscript list is that the automatic updates for WaniKani Item Info Injector are disabled and you are still on version 1.3 (while the newest version is 1.4).


oh I see, I’ll update right away. Thank you for your lead!

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It makes completely sense, I’ll try what you suggest, thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey there Ieqoe! Did the suggestions help your issue? In these cases, like others said, it’s typically a script issue.

-Nick at WK


Yes, it seems working so far! So I’ve updated the script «Wanikani Item Info Injector» and I’ve deactivated the script «Wanikani katakana Onyomi». Thanks everyone for the help!


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