Why is WanyKany teaching me Chinese letters?


con ichiwa mean a sand yoroshiku oni gai shimas.

I’ve been watching anime for 3 years now but I recently decided to start learning nihongo. My friend told me to check out this site so I gave it a shot. Now, with my 3 years of anime watching, I’ve got a pretty good understanding of Javanese already, so why is this site teaching me Chinese? It gave me 日, which is clearly a chinese letter. It’s also not displaying anything correctly, since it gave me just a line: 一. This bug should have been fixed years ago.

also I don’t know why everyone is talking about jplt language tests here. I’ve already learned all of the vowels (ぬ, オ, ノ, が, and ゐ) in hirogana so I’m at N1 level already (self-assessed, why would I pay money to take a test? :laughing:) . The only problem is that all the japanse I listen to has like messed up audio? I don’t know why but its really fast (like 10x faster than it should be) so i can’t understand anything they’re saying. i should be able to understand it perfectly by now, since I know at least 7 words. If anyone knows how to fix this that would be great.

I want to live in japan as well so i was thinking of doing the jet program so I could move there. the only problem is that they expect you to teach people english? does anyone know how to skip this part of the program? is there like some box I tick on the application or something?

my last question is about grammer. obviously grammer isn’t important at all, but if i wanted to know it, is looking over the contents of thai kim enough to get fluent grammer?

hajimemashite for reading! go chi so samma desuchita!

ps. this site is really slow. why do I have to wait for more lessons?
pps. Happy 4月1日
ppps. I don’t care if it’s still March in your timezone, I couldn’t be bothered to wait
pppps. Sorry Leebo for making you click on this in rage


I think I’ve found your lost family member @Vanilla


kakushigoto gozaimasu


Please read the FAQ and Guide

your ocean cue oh knee guy she más


If you don’t think Grammer is already fluent, you need to watch more Frasier. :stuck_out_tongue:


Kumi would be mad at you for linking the wrong FAQ. I think you mean this FAQ

ah of course. I am very behind on that anime, oh re gate oh for the reminder!


It’s actually this


If you think it’s slow now, just you wait. It gets way slower!


wait a minute… this site is used for learning japanese?!?


Can everyone please stop typing in Japanese I can’t read all those moon runes.


Japanese? I wanted to learn knee hung glow dammit!


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I feel like my posting in this thread was a heinous crime.


It’s not only Chinese, it’s outdated Chinese! Seems like they found some abandoned website in their cellar or something!



I came here to learn Chinese, it’s a bit outdated Chinese but a good start :wink:



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