Some Wanikani praise from a beginner

Hey all, I’m nearing the end of the free trial and I wanted to use my first forum post to say it’s already awesome and I’m no doubt investing in a paid subscription. I’ve studied Japanese language in school for a little over 3 years now, but didn’t get serious about learning until this year. This summer I started reading JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Fist of the North Star, Doraemon, Slam Dunk, and others (In Japanese) and other fun stuff to get engaged in studying, but noticed I wasn’t learning kanji at a good enough rate, and I wanted some fun method to learn new kanji, so here I am. I like that despite that having a couple years of classes and a vacation to Japan under my belt, WK levels 1-3 still taught me some new stuff. I don’t know if that’s embarrassing or enlightening, but let’s just say I really couldn’t tell you what ビー玉 or 女王 meant, prior to me starting WK. I can’t wait to keep at it for the levels beyond. Good luck with yall’s studies too!


:crabigator: へようこそ。わたしもこどもときからドラえもんがすき。がんばろう。


Oh hi yo!


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Congrats and hope you will continue the journey of Japanese! I have myself bit the bullet recently and upgraded to a monthly subscription knowing the journey will be hard and the hours of studying longer - Wanikani felt like a good investment for a reliable sources for learning Japanese for JLPTs and further. Good luck and may the Crabinator be with you! :grinning:

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